About oldevillageshoppe

Hi! My name is Sharon and I live in the small town of Providence Village, Texas. I obtained a degree in Art when abstract art was at its height! Through the years I've developed a love for peeling paint and worn patinas. Frayed edges and faded colors often have a softening effect, bringing a sense of peace and comfort. Yet the spontaneity and mystery of the abstract is still very intriguing. My livelihood for over fifteen years was technical and industrial sales. Then out of the blue a collection of vintage items from a loved one came my way and I was hooked. For the past few years I’ve been pursuing the sales of vintage collectibles. I love the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the find! Each item has a story to tell or a new story to begin.

Olde Village Shoppe

When I was in  England about eight years ago, I took a picture of this shop. It inspired my domain name and the beginning of my online business.

An English Shoppe


Vintage Cookbooks

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Vintage cookbooks are close to my heart!

Each time you pick one up and open the pages, you are looking into the past when cooking was an important part of a woman’s life.  My Mother made everything from scratch and sitting down at the table with the family was the general rule and not the exception.  Today’s fast pace world gives little time for this kind of family gathering, much less cooking from scratch.  I look at a worn and tattered cookbook as a plus, because it got that way out of use and therefore, must have great recipes!

Those are my thoughts of the day!  Have a terrific week!